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Florian Ludewig

Startupper, programmer and fitness-addicted.


We are working on a fully automated 3D scanner to create photorealistic digital duplicates. For this we combine several photometric methods.

Drakery 3D Scanning


I started working as a backend developer

Open Reply

5th and 6th semester of computer science degree, as well as my bachelor thesis

Bachelor thesis

I've created the new website for the Kletterwald Saalburg

Kletterwald Saalburg


I was dealing with the cryptocurrency Monero for the first time.


I've converted almost 100 real objects into photorealistic 3D models with the help of photogrammetry.


I've started Bullet Journaling. This is an analog technique to organize your life for maximum productivity.

Bullet Journal

I've started producing tech videos on a regular basis.


I never was a "water-person", but this year I've pushed myself to learn freestyle swimming. One step closer to the Ironman.

3rd and 4th semester of computer science degree


My team partner and I founded our first company and we're now officially committed to being entrepreneurs.


We started working on a 3D product designer platform where products are designed, can be configured in 3d and are produced.


After years of extensively learning full stack development, I've started coding my biggest project yet: the Drakery platform.


Software engineer at Spleenlab for a few weeks


My first handstand push up

The idea of turning real objects into 3D models with the help of 3D scanning fascinated me. I've scanned hundreds of objects and learnt a lot in the process.

1st and 2nd semester of computer science degree


Started studying computer science

FSU Jena

Started going ice bathing regularly

Our idea for a 3D platform was well received at the Startup Teens competition in Berlin and we've won the first price in the "Platforms & Services" category.

Startup Teens

Started training calisthenics regularly

Frontend engineer for a few months


Switched to Linux

Graduated high school


It's not available anymore, but I've built a GPS-based distance tracker as my first programming project.


Reading Mj Demarco's books sparked my fascination for entrepreneurship.


Started learning full stack development



My first line of code. I remember buying a big C++ book in 2017 and going through it.

A friend of mine and I put all our energy into creative short films and gaming videos. We've removed the short films for privacy reasons.


I've created hundreds of 3D animations for people from all around the world.


Paluten used my intro. Back then, that was a big deal. You can't imagine how happy I was.


For a few years I've spent all day long on my skateboard doing all sorts of tricks. Surprisingly only had a plaster because of it once.

I had the pleasure to grow up in an amazing family, which taught me good values, respected my freedom and allowed me to see many beautiful places on this earth.